BSA/AML Live Event


Here is a reminder about our BSA/AML Live Compliance Conferences coming up this fall.


BSA/AML has seen many changes in the last 12 months. Enhancements to the Customer Due Diligence Program and to the new Beneficial Owner Rule have rolled out. There has also been quite a bit of new guidance that’s come down the pipeline.


The first conference is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on October 30th, followed by the second on November 6th in Grand Island, Nebraska, and then the third November 7th in Omaha, Nebraska.  I hope you get a chance to register for this great event. We’re going to have our team of experts there to answer questions and go in depth with you, spending a whole day talking through the BSA and AML and all of the new requirements that have hit in the last year.


Hope to see you there.



Register for this event HERE

Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards

Kevin brings years of experience and a unique perspective on regulatory matters to our clients. A self-proclaimed geek and accredited CRCM, Kevin is also a recovering attorney with experience as in-house counsel for a large regional bank and one of the leading national title insurance providers. For reasons unknown, Kevin decided to leave the safety and serenity of his desk job to seek fortune and glory as a wandering adventurer. Like a bank compliance version of Kwai Chang Caine, The Man with No Name or Don Quixote, he now travels the land seeking to help those in need and righting compliance wrongs, wherever he may find them. Kevin lives in Sioux Falls with his two children, who are surprisingly normal after having endured their father’s vivid imagination for their entire lives. He won’t admit to having any hobbies, because apparently “Regulations never sleep.” (While he does say this in his Batman voice, we’re pretty sure he’s joking.) From the looks of his Facebook page, he likes the outdoors and spending time with his large extended family (who seem like relatively normal people).

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