Overdraft Compliance

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What regulations come into play when you’re dealing with overdraft compliance?  The Truth in Savings Act (Regulation DD) and The Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Regulation E), are the most obvious players but they aren’t all you need to consider.  The Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z), Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B) and a little thing called UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices) all potentially have some skin in the game. 

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Jerod Moyer

Jerod is the leader of Banker’s Compliance Consulting’s training productions. He is a nationally recognized speaker. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, school, webinar or luncheon, it’s easy to stay engaged when he presents due to the amount of passion and energy he brings to each and every compliance topic. Jerod has spoken on behalf of the American Bankers’ Association, BankersOnline, many state banking associations, private compliance groups and financial institutions. He is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and BankersOnline Guru. Jerod likes to spend his time (between reading regulations and producing compliance training!) relaxing at the lake with his wife and three children, following their activities or engaged in something sports-related!

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